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Submit Application

Your application process begins here! Submit your application through the link below. We will review your application and get back to you shortly with your first technical test.

Note: The application form varies for ‘tech’ and ‘non-tech’ roles, so please make sure that you are applying using the correct form.

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Technical Test 1

Technical tests vary based on the position that you apply for.

  • For Tech Roles

    Candidates applying to roles that require programming skills will be required to take a programming assessment on Job Passcard platform. The candidate will receive an instruction email within 5 - 10 minutes of submitting their application form and will have up to 7 days to take the assessment.

    JPC Process
    STEP 1
    Sign in with password
    Application Review
    5 - 10 mins After submit form
    STEP 2
    Programming Test!
    Pre-Screening Test
    90 mins
    STEP 3
    Wait for our contact
    Live Proctored
    Process 1 - 2 days
  • For Other Roles

    Candidates applying to other roles will be asked to schedule a time for a take-home assessment that focuses on evaluating job-specific skills.

After your submission, our recruitment team will contact you with the result as soon as possible.

Note: We make every effort to ensure that these emails are delivered. However, if you do not see the email in a few minutes, please check your “junk mail” folder or “spam” folder.

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Technical Test 2

Live Proctored and Dynamic Review

  • For Tech Roles

    The second technical test will assess your technical knowledge of programming (or Machine Learning) in greater depth. Candidates will be given coding/ML-related questions on Google Docs in a timed and live-proctored session. Our senior programmers will then grade your performance, and comment or ask questions; the candidates will then reply to the comments and questions accordingly.

    The senior programmer and candidate may engage in this back-and-forth dynamic review for up to 1 week depending on how many questions or responses are required to assess your technical expertise

  • For Other Roles

    After passing the first take-home assessment, candidates will be asked to schedule their live technical test via email. The technical test will be conducted in the form of an interview with their direct manager and another employee in a similar role. The purpose of this interview is for the team to assess both hard and soft skills relevant for the role that is required.

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Partner Interview

  • For All Roles

    After passing the 2 technical tests, candidates will be interviewed by up to 2 - 3 of our co-founders. The purpose of this interview is to help co-founders assess your character and your cultural fit with Looloo, but it is also an opportunity for you to get to know Looloo better at the highest level of leadership.

  • For Other Roles

    The interview may include additional technical aspects that will assess you on your ability to perform under pressure.

Note: For some roles, we may require candidates to take a short general test that will evaluate their IQ, EQ, and general logic before the partner interview stage.

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Final Decision

Once you have gone through all the process, we will contact you again with the final decision via email. Our HR may also contact you via phone to confirm your result.